Organisational Cauliflowers

It’s a universal and little-known rule that how people participate in meetings is an example of your organisational culture. I call it the ‘Hampton Cauliflower rule’. Cauliflower’s look like complex structures until you realise that they are just many mini-cauliflowers growing off a central stem, organising and replicating themselves to make a vegetable protected in … Read more

Gardening your Organisation

Leading, culture, Organisational development, growth

When you acquire a garden, you acquire the conditions that come with it. The plants (or lack of them), trees, the soil type and it’s aspect; north, south, east, or west. The amount of sun and rain makes a huge difference, like having a buoyant or difficult market. It strikes me that there is a … Read more

Theresa May Belbin and Metaprogram Patterns

Has Theresa May got the right thinking for the job? This brief post looks at a hypothesis of May’s thinking patterns and what this tells us about whether she her thinking patterns are what we need right now. In order to look at this I’m going to use two ways of looking at thinking patterns … Read more