Improve your Resilience and Improve your Results. Find out more about the Personal Resilience Indicator and the difference it can make for Your People, Your Teams and Your Organisation.

 We know that organisations that contain resilient people tend to be achieve more and weather storms better.  We also know that they have less conflict and more productive relationships Their people can think differently and find innovative solutions that set them apart. We know all of this is true and organisations put in large amounts of resources to help their people feel better with often, little return on their investment.  Sometimes, they just tell their teams that they need to be more resilient without giving the tools to do that.

I became interested in the Personal Resilience Tool, because I wanted to find a more effective way to help organisations help their people to build strong teams, with strong relationships. At the point, I was introduced to the tool, I was working with teams with high vacancy/sick rates, high conflict and people were burnt out. As a result people kept making the same bad decisions but expecting different results.  This tool has fast tracked work with both individuals and teams, as it focuses specifically on what they can do for themselves to improve their own resilience and in turn improve the resilience of the organisation. Rather than spending money on generic seminars with poor return on investment, it focuses on what makes a difference systemically: individual, team, organisational.

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The Personal Resilience Indicator – Lucy Hampton – #402578