Lucy Hampton

My prime aim is to make a difference. Not just to my direct clients; to the people they lead and the customers they serve – to have a lasting impact beyond the immediate work- to add value.

My key skill is bringing clarity to situations, that bring about systemic change. I build understanding and insight and help you find a way forward. I do this, primarily, thorough pinpointing what’s happening why, and the impact on the system. In most organisations, this is the people that work there and the results they deliver. I make the complex easily understood and therefore easier to act upon. This approach helps you work out what is the right changes you need to make to get the impact you want. In the long run, this save both time and mental effort. 

My mission is to help you think differently about difficult situations, so that they feel easier and therefore different results are possible. 

I am a qualified coaching master with post graduate qualifications in coaching and  a wide range of experience – including the NHS, Councils, Pharmaceutical Companies, Solicitors and Start Ups.  

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One to One Coaching and team coaching to help you to find your answers and build more effective organiations.


When you’re stuck, this is a good place to start. Use me to help you find out what’s going on and how to get a solution that works – making sure your answer fits the issue. 

Key Note Speaking

Key note speaking on the importance of relationships at work and the impact of relationships on how we thing and feel (the neurobiology of relationships) and therefore our effectiveness at work.